New PRM® R3.20 Plant Resource Manager Leverages FDT2’s Enhancements

July 15, 2015
Yokogawa’s tools give operators many views of plant equipment and enable remote access

Yokogawa’s Plant Asset Management solution PRM® (Plant Resource Manager) centrally manages large amounts of status and maintenance information from plant monitoring and control devices and equipment.

PRM supports both EDDL and FDT device integration concepts and features integrated communication paths for Process Automation protocols such as HART, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS and ISA100.11a wireless. With PRM and intelligent field devices, operators and maintenance personnel can remotely monitor the condition of plant assets and visualize early signs of performance deterioration such as valve sticking and impulse line blocking of d/p-based flowmeters.

PRM features functions such as a device master function for maintaining an asset database and multiple views to visualize asset hierarchies according to IEC 61512 through Plant, Network or Class Views. The Device Patrol function uses a scheduler to periodically acquire device status information and features a status decision engine to display color coded information, including NAMUR NE107 functionality, on all hierarchy levels. In case of a diagnostic message the device DTM is launched to obtain detailed information and/or access device parameters.

PRM includes Yokogawa’s FDT2-based Frame Application, DTM Works, proven in many FieldMate™ Device Management Tool installations since 2014. DTM Works is compliant with both FDT2 and FDT 1.2.x DTMs. FDT2 provides improved security, interoperability, speed and performance along with backward compatibility. PRM R3.20 comes with the latest DTM’s for Yokogawa’s field devices including a suit of FDT2 DTM’s for the latest version of these devices.

Further, PRM features a Partial Stroke Test (PST) Scheduler, which was developed in close cooperation with leading valve suppliers. It collectively manages and performs partial stroke testing to determine whether ESD valves are in good working order and can respond properly when needed. The PST scheduler enables manual, automatic or semi-automatic implementation of a PST. Furthermore, the PST Schedule and implementation status are shown in a simple Gantt chart that can be viewed from any PC running the PRM package. Further analyses can be easily performed by opening the corresponding DTM.

PRM Plant Resource Manager synchronizes seamlessly with Yokogawa’s FieldMate Device Management Tool providing a clear path to Asset Excellence.

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