New Product Announcement from KEB America

July 20, 2015
KEB America, Inc. announces the release of their new C6 Router for the North American market.

KEB America, Inc. announces the release of their new C6 Router for the North American market. Scheduled to begin distribution immediately, the industrial router is the latest development to KEB’s COMBICONTROL automation line of products.

When partnered with COMBIVIS Connect software the router will provide everything needed to connect remotely to machines in the field for commissioning, program adjustment, and troubleshooting using KEB’s secure VPN connection to networked servers around the world.

The Ethernet-based C6 Router comes with WAN, LAN, USB and serial interfaces, and standard digital I/Os. For hard-to-access installations like wastewater treatment facilities, oil and gas, and wind turbines a cellular network option is available. These models include standard 2G/3G/3G+ EDGE/HSPA quadriband capable of speeds of up to 5 Mbps up/14 Mbps down. They come with one push-pin type SIM card and SMAStecker antenna, with the option of adding an auxiliary Diversity antenna.

In addition to its impressive system features the C6 Router boasts a robust design that can handle harsh environments. The unit is housed in a stainless steel enclosure and is ready for DIN rail or wall mount. There are no fans or moving parts to maintain and an extended temperature option is available for extreme environments (-20 … +70° C).

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