Diagnostic Tool Set 8: Complete Solution for Vehicle Diagnostics with Lots of New Functions and Extensions

Aug. 25, 2015
In the new release, the performance of the central ISO MVCI server has been further improved.

In the new release, the performance of the central ISO MVCI server has been further improved. This considerably reduces the CPU load when running diagnostic services and loading times for projects are shorter. Now it is possible to start several instances of the kernel in parallel.

The integrated simulation engine, which enables the testing of diagnostic data even without an ECU and vehicle interface, has been completely revised and considerably extended: Simulations can now be recorded directly from diagnostic sessions and also support dynamic changes to measured values. Several simulations can be created and managed for each project.

In terms of trucks, buses and mobile working machinery, universal OBD authoring has been extended with support for 29-bit identifiers on the CAN bus. The delivery scope also contains a ready-to-use SAE J1939 project which enables vehicle diagnostics without first having to create ODX data for that specific purpose.

Users of the ODX authoring system DTS Venice can filter according to Audiences when exporting ODX 2.2.0. This makes it possible, for example, to only transfer the diagnostic data that is really required when fulfilling statutory requirements.

To adapt ECUs to the relevant vehicle configuration or release additional comfort functions, the all-in-one engineering tester DTS Monaco was given an additional function for coding ECU variants. Furthermore, existing layouts can be reused in other workspaces or projects, and the fast, affordable Diagnostics over IP in accordance with ISO 13400 is supported.

Special demonstration and evaluation packages are available on request both for DoIP and for J1939, including ODX authoring and hardware-based ECU simulation.

Registered users with a maintenance and service package will receive the upgrade to release 10 free of charge.

Softing's Diagnostic Tool Set enables developers, engineers and technicians to create, process and run consistent diagnostic data and sequences based on the latest international automotive standards. It ensures that diagnostic communication and vehicle diagnostics work reliably at all times in Engineering, Manufacturing and After-Sales Service.

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