Orbis Introduces First Plastic, Reusable Corrugated Box for Automated Packaging Lines

Sept. 29, 2015
ORBIS Corporation has introduced PlastiCorr, the first-ever plastic, reusable corrugated box to work seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines.

ORBIS Corporation has introduced PlastiCorr, the first-ever plastic, reusable corrugated box to work seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines.

This groundbreaking product brings unprecedented environmental, economic, cleanliness and operational benefits to today’s food, beverage and consumer packaged goods companies. With its transformational impact on sustainability and positive environmental stewardship, PlastiCorr marks a legacy-defining shift in supply chain efficiency for food, beverage and consumer packaged goods companies.

“Today, companies are continuously balancing the need to reduce costs and minimize their impact on the environment, while protecting product integrity and improving operational efficiency. PlastiCorr delivers on these critical and complex goals,” said Bill McMahon, director of business development for ORBIS Corporation.

ORBIS & PlastiCorr: How it works

PlastiCorr features the first-of-its-kind, patented EnfoldTM technology. This joint design ensures the box’s flaps return to a straight position after every use. Enfold technology makes PlastiCorr the first fully functioning drop-in replacement for a fiber corrugated box. With Enfold technology, PlastiCorr’s folding box flaps work like new every time, allowing for unprecedented reusability in packaging lines.

“Historically, fiber corrugated boxes have been the backbone of most automated packaging lines and shipping scenarios within supply chains, but as supply chains have evolved, so too has the need for a comprehensive reusable solution that can holistically address the many needs of modern supply chains,” said McMahon. “With PlastiCorr, companies are now able to implement reusable packaging solutions that meet the automation requirements of packaging applications with a drop-in replacement while offering significant financial, operational and environmental benefits.”

PlastiCorr creates a seamless conversion from current boxes with no change to pack count or pallet configurations. By design, PlastiCorr is dimensionally and structurally consistent for today’s packaging lines and can be used in all types of low, medium and high-speed lines, from manual to full high-speed automation. PlastiCorr boxes will last multiple cycles through a supply chain, delivering a strategic bottom-line enhancement and a compelling return on investment. Its all-plastic design is free of dust that fiber corrugated packaging can introduce to plants and equipment, causing potential equipment delays or shutdowns. Further, PlastiCorr boxes feature smooth, sealed edges for increased safety, cleanliness and ergonmics. Its revolutionary non-porous plastic design is easy-to-clean and won’t absorb moisture or odors. PlastiCorr is also 100 percent recyclable at the end of its lengthy service life.

ORBIS & PlastiCorr: Environmental Analysis

PlastiCorr offers a significant overall reduction in environmental impact by decreasing the water and energy used and solid waste created by a fiber corrugated box inventory. According to a Franklin Associates report from June 2015, fiber corrugated recycling uses 284 billion gallons of water per year.

The report details how companies making the shift to PlastiCorr for their automated packaging lines can experience up to a 74 percent decrease in cumulative energy used, 89 percent reduction in water consumption and 61 percent savings in solid waste generated. The introduction of PlastiCorr into automated packaging lines for food, beverage and consumer packaged goods companies marks the first time a company can enhance its bottom line and sustainability performance with reusable plastic packaging. ORBIS can clearly demonstrate the tremendous impact PlastiCorr will make on a company’s environmental goals, but also the positive financial impact PlastiCorr will have on their overall supply chain.

“When companies choose PlastiCorr, they’re making a legacy-defining choice that will change the environmental and economic landscape of their company,” states McMahon. “We’re excited for the impact PlastiCorr will make for businesses and generations to come.”

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