SUPCON Asset Management Upgraded to FDT2

Oct. 19, 2015
Leading DCS Vendor in China Sharpens Their Cutting Edge

SUPCON announces the latest release of its DCS (Distributed Control System) asset management application, SAMS, that includes full FDT2 functionality. SUPCON is a leading DCS supplier based in Hangzhou, China and is a member of the China FDT Group Association. The SUPCON is widely recognized as having supplied some large scale projects in China using the FDT standard at Tianjing LNG and SINOPEC Shijiazhuang, China. The largest coal chemical project in the world is planning to use SAMS by the end of this year.

“As the leading DCS supplier based in China, we of course must integrate a wide variety of devices into our solutions.” comments Mr. Huang Wenjun, Vice President of SUPCON. “We have used the FDT standard since 2013 and it has been a significant enhancement to the asset management capabilities that we deliver to our customers. The latest release of our SAMS asset management application using the FDT2 standard ensures backward compatibility to previous versions of the FDT standard while giving our customers the latest state of the art capabilities for intelligent device management.”

The new SAMS application makes full use of the FDT Group developed and tested Common Components to ensure the best compliance and interoperability. “SUPCON prides itself in being a technology leader – this latest release of SAMS ensures we maintain this position.”, concludes Mr. Huang Wenjun.

“SUPCON has been a significant member of our China FDT organization since the beginning.” states Glenn Schulz, Managing Director of the FDT Group. “Their new release of SAMS usingthe FDT2 standard demonstrates their continued leadership position for delivering state of the art intelligent device management to their customers. We are delighted to have them as a strong supporter of the FDT standard.”


Established in March 1993, SUPCON is a leading provider of automation and information technology products and solutions in China. Its business covers the automation of the process industry, urban information, engineering design and consultation, digital medical, science instruments, robots, equipment automation, new energy, and energy saving fields. 

The headquarters of SUPCON is located in the beautiful Hangzhou City of Zhejiang. Visit for more information.

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