Horner Automation Group Announces Software Solutions

Nov. 16, 2015
Horner APG released materials for their newest software offering: WebMI.

Horner APG released materials for their newest software offering: WebMI. Formally launching later this week, WebMI will allow users to remotely monitor and control their Horner OCS (Operator Control Station) controllers from their phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

“For over 20 years, we have produced strong engineered hardware solutions, known for our OCS all-in-one controllers, I/O solutions and communications products,” said Phil Horner, CEO Horner APG. “In fact, as the originator of the all-in-one design, the Horner name is synonymous with automation controllers with a built-in operator interface and I/O. Now, we are ready to unveil software that provides a revolutionary new way to remotely monitor and control machines.”

The Horner OCS-Web family of software solutions is coming soon. With the first SaaS (Software as a Service) feature (WebMI), Horner introduces customers to a simple, cost effect way to develop state-of-the-art scalable vector graphics (SVG)-based HMI screens and HTML5-based web publishing software. Customers will be able to do it all on their own, without any heavy-duty networking or web programming experience. It is all done within the familiar environment of Horner’s proven programming software (Cscape). Contributing to the global trend known as the Internet of Things (or loT), Horner WebMI instantly connects users to their automated applications. With WebMI, customers have the ability to remotely monitor and control easier and faster than ever before, all through a phone, computer, or tablet - providing users with the necessary insights to grow and improve their business.

WebMI provides a remote gateway directly to many of the Horner OCS XL products. Simply by providing a network connection from the OCS, the user can choose to publish the screens that they have developed on the OCS, or they can develop independent screens to be published. The OCS acts as the Web Server, so no additional costly computer hardware or software is required to make this remote monitoring and control possible, and now all of this can be done from the palm of your hand. To do that seamlessly, Horner has incorporated high-level security algorithms like: 128 bit SSL encryption, Industry Standard Hash Security Technology as well as the ability to work within their existing IT structure, ensuring continued uptime at all times.

“Our controllers have helped to make our customers operations run effectively for decades,” said Horner. “Now by adding our new software solution, WebMI, we will continue to keep them running; even if they are not directly in front of the controller.”

Utilizing the new Cscape 9.70 and the latest revision of Firmware 14.12 (also released later this week), WebMI will be available with a free trial and modestly-priced packages based upon number of users, tags, and pages.

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