Horner Automation Launches New Software Series

Nov. 21, 2015
Today, Horner APG released WebMI, the first in their new series of software solutions, Web OCS.

Today, Horner APG released WebMI, the first in their new series of software solutions, Web OCS. Along with this new offering and product line comes an update to their OCS (Operator Control Station) programming software Cscape 9.70, and a new version of firmware 14.14.

WebMI enables users to remotely monitor and control their Horner OCS controllers from their phone, tablet, or other mobile device. As the first SaaS (Software as a Service) feature (WebMI), Horner introduces customers to a simple, cost effect way to develop state-of-the-art scalable vector graphics (SVG)-based HMI screens and HTML5-based web publishing software. WebMI is available with a free trial and modestly-priced packages based upon number of users, tags, and pages.

Contributing to the global trend known as the Internet of Things (or loT), Horner WebMI instantly connects users to their automated applications. With WebMI, customers have the ability to remotely monitor and control easier and faster than ever before, all through a phone, computer, or tablet - providing users with the necessary insights to grow and improve their business.

Highlights of WebMI include:

  • Cscape Configurability: Implement your OCS application remotely without any manual HTML development.
  • Cybsersecurity: IT compatible, high-level security algorithms ensure continued uptime at all times.
  • Level-Based, Object Security: From graphic objects to application commands – you control who can do what.
  • IOT – Internet of Things: Instantly connect to your automated applications to grow and improve business.
  • HTML5: Instantly deliver almost everything you want to accomplish online to your web browser.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): Sharp, clear, and professional screens regardless of the device you use, any size.
  • Licensing Capabilities: On or off-line licensing packages that will work within your organizational scope.

“We are looking forward to effectively launching this new line of remote software solutions,” said Phil Horner, CEO Horner APG. “And WebMI is just the beginning. Throughout the coming year we’ll be releasing two additional products in this same line, building off the connectivity and simplicity of WebMI.”

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