New Safety Rated Bolt Lock with RFID-BASED Electronic Safety Sensor

Feb. 11, 2016
Schmersal is proud to introduce the AZM400, a safety rated motorized bolt lock with an integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) based electronic safety sensor.

It is designed for machines and work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be locked until safe conditions exist.

The locking bolt provides a holding force of 10,000 N, making the AZM400 particularly well suited for heavy doors. It features an intelligent locking function, which will autonomously retry locking the guard in the event of actuator misalignment. The motorized bolt lock is bi-stable in the event of a power failure, which maintains the last locked status of the interlock. It is available with a manual by-pass or an emergency exit knob if the unit is mounted inside the hazardous area, which allows the bolt to be retracted manually. There is a version available with an electric manual release, which allows the unit to be connected to an auxiliary power supply to allow the motor to retract the bolt.

The RFID system allows the AZM400 the option of individually coding of actuators, enhancing the tamper resistance of the switch. A dual channel input signal satisfies the requirements for PLe per ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 per IEC 62061 with only one switch per guard. The AZM400 comes standard with diagnostic LED’s on the sensor to indicate various errors, misalignment and door open/closed signaling.

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