Encoder Products Company’s New Online 3D Configurator Now Available

Encoder Products Company has introduced a new online 3D Configurator tool for their most popular encoder models.

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The 3D Configurator allows the user to customize select encoders to fit the desired application, including packaging, robotics, motors, or any other application where motion control is needed.

The 3D Configurator interface is intuitive and works in any web browser for both desktop and mobile. Once the product has been configured, a 3D image is generated to manipulate and view from any angle. Final drawings can then be downloaded in a number of native formats. Additionally, you can output an interactive configuration-specific product datasheet as a PDF file for ease of sharing information.

"Compared to other configurators, this 3D tool is much more functional and user-friendly than others I've used in the past," says Bruno Wilson, EPC Mechanical Engineer. "Engineers are going to love this tool."

The 3D Configurator is already available for Encoder Products Company’s top-selling products, and more products will offer this design option throughout 2016. Depending on the product and options offered with that model, various customizations can be configured, including:

• Housing style
• Thru-bore or hollow bore
• Bore size/shaft size
• Shaft type
• Mount – servo, flex, etc.
• Commutation
• Measuring wheel type & circumference
• Input voltage
• Number of channels
• Output type
• Connector type
• Frequency
• Operating temperature
• Sealing
• Certification

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