Abaco Systems Announces Software Tool to Speed and Reduce Cost of Development While Maximizing Performance

March 8, 2016
Abaco Systems today announced AXIS EventView, an innovative software tool designed to enable customers to reduce the complexity, time and cost of developing, testing and debugging sophisticated multi-processor, compute-intensive embedded applications while maximizing their performance.

EventView, previously available as part of Abaco’s complete AXISPro software development environment, is now offered as a standalone tool for the company’s range of single board computers, signal processing boards and integrated systems.

Recently applied in the development of a radar application, EventView allowed developers to rapidly identify the bottlenecks in a multi-threaded algorithm and helped them target the relevant 'pain-points' and inefficiencies in their code. This allowed performance of the algorithm to be improved by a factor of four in just two weeks.

"Our customers tell us that they are under pressure to minimize development cycle time, maximize productivity and reduce time to deployment,” said Chris Lever, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems, "and at the same time they need to extract the maximum performance out of the underlying hardware in their systems. We designed EventView to help customers optimize their applications and meet these requirements."

AXIS EventView is a performance analysis – or ‘event analyzer’ – tool that provides a ‘C’ API library that is used to instrument code by logging events, and a GUI viewer to analyze the subsequent event traces and determine application behavior. It provides the application developer with a much more detailed visual analysis of the application’s performance than other profiling tools on the market.

EventView enables rapid identification of bottlenecks and non-deterministic behavior. Quick to learn and simple to use, it is highly portable and runs on all current platforms. Its API works across Linux, Windows® and VxWorks® platforms, while the EventView GUI runs on Windows and Linux. Underlying hardware architectures that are supported include Intel®, ARM and PowerPC/Power Architecture; mixed architecture systems are also supported.

EventView is also an element within Abaco’s AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software integrated development tools, which is designed to simplify the process of creating DSP applications based on multiprocessor platforms. AXIS gives developers the tools they need to be more productive, and largely frees them from the complexities of the underlying hardware architecture.

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