Abaco Systems Upgrades Software Tool to Deliver Shorter Time-To-Deployment, Higher Performance, Reduced SWaP

April 19, 2016
Abaco Systems today announced an upgraded version of its signal processing and math libraries for Intel-based system architectures that will accelerate the development of sophisticated, high intensity embedded computing applications.

AXISLib-AVX release 2.5 also enables users of Abaco’s recently-announced SBC347D – based on the Intel Xeon-D processor - as well as Abaco’s entire family of platforms based on latest generation Intel Core i7 processors, to take maximum advantage of the performance these processors offer while reducing development time, cost and risk.

AXISLib-AVX release 2.5 – which includes upgraded functionality based on customer feedback and experience with real world programs, such as a reduction of 20% in the execution time of a synthetic aperture radar application - provides focused performance and accuracy enhancements to key signal processing and linear algebra functions that are widely used in radar, signals intelligence and other ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) applications. These enhancements can significantly increase the performance of an application, which in many cases may allow the application to be deployed within a smaller SWaP (size, weight and power) profile.

“Our customers need to shorten time-to-deployment as well as to extract the maximum possible performance from powerful hardware,” said Chris Lever, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “AXISLib-AVX release 2.5 responds to those needs, bringing a powerful performance upgrade that allows prime contractors, OEMs and system integrators to bring SWaP-sensitive deployable embedded solutions to market more quickly and at lower cost, and to take advantage of the new levels of performance enabled by the latest processor technologies.”

AXIS - Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software - is a set of software modules that can be used to accelerate the design, development, testing and deployment of complex DSP and multiprocessing platforms for real-time applications such as radar, sonar, communications and image processing. AXIS development tools allow engineers to focus on application functionality by taking away a large portion of the software development burden, speeding time-to-deployment while reducing development cost and risk.

AXISLib-AVX release 2.5 provides a library of more than 600 performance-optimized digital signal processing (DSP), linear algebra and vector math function libraries that deliver world class performance on Linux, Windows and the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system platform.

AXISLib DSP and math libraries can be used on their own, or within the AXIS software suite that includes AXISFlow and AXIS MPI inter-processor communication (IPC) middleware along with AXISView’s graphical tool suite and the EventView event analyser tool. These libraries and tools provide industry standard interfaces to maintain portability and enable rapid prototyping along with application scalability across multiple processor cores, processor nodes, boards and data or control plane fabrics including Ethernet, InfiniBand and PCI Express.

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