Vensi, Inc. Launches BluTerm to Communicate With RS232/RS485 Networks From Mobile Devices

April 19, 2016
Vensi, Inc. announces its latest solution, BluTerm, to communicate via Bluetooth 4.2 with mobile devices, a perfect cable replacement solution to RS232, RS485 serial networks.

BluTerm opens various possibilities to connect Modbus, BACnet, or any serial device to phones and tablets, providing easy access.

Vensi, Inc. a web & mobile solutions company headquartered in the Chicagoland area, provides viable and scalable solutions by designing innovative and interactive applications across major platforms and devices.

BluTerm connects to devices or systems and allows them to be controlled remotely using a mobile device. Download the application from respective app stores and start communicating with your system wirelessly.

BluTerm supports many protocols, UART/TTL, RS232, RS485, RS422, Modbus, BACnet, and the list is growing with additional interfaces, or a custom interface can be built.

With the BluTerm, you can monitor and control your device or system within Bluetooth’s range. You no longer need to use long wires, outdated communication modules, and countless other methods to keep track of your device or system. Everything can be done using a phone or a tablet. BluTerm can be used in various Industrial environments, HVAC, Flow Control, etc.

Have an idea for custom display? BluTerm is the perfect solution to connect your system and use a tablet as a display. You can build an application or contact us to help you build the application.

Need remote connectivity? Checkout BluTerm integration with With BlueApp, you can connect your devices to an online dashboard. This allows you to control and monitor the system online and allows users to generate reports. With the dashboard, your data team can make better decisions to make the best use of your devices and/or systems.

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