Myriad PlantPAx Enhancements Enable Advanced Integration Strategies

April 20, 2016
Development tools work in multi-network environments.

The latest release of the PlantPAx system supports modern device integration strategies. It includes a more dynamic design environment to enhance productivity, integration of new enabling technologies, and enhanced control capabilities. It helps companies meet your operational goals with:

  • Enabling Technology - Adopt new system capabilities
  • Enhanced Control - Help to meet productivity goals
  • Advancements in Design and Configuration Platforms

Rockwell Automation continues to improve enterprise integration, scalability, open communication. PlantPAx, the modern distributed control system (DCS), now works across industry standard protocols such as EtherNet/IP and HART, with local support for its customers across the globe.

The PlantPAx DCS leverages the latest advancements in design and configuration platforms. Users will experience a more productive environment with enhancements in controller and field device configuration capabilities, a new system-wide configuration environment and an advanced deployment tool that automates system code development.

To help with device integration from design to implementation, the latest PlantPAx DCS release further supports a broader Rockwell Automation vision to integrate system design tools and increase automation productivity.

The latest PlantPAx update includes an update to the PlantPAx Library of Process Objects, including expanded analytical capabilities and HART integration.

  • Analytical Capabilities
    EtherNet/IP instrumentation has simplified device and network management for devices such as flow meters and chart recorders. An EtherNet/IP liquid analysis transmitter from Endress+Hauser has been added to the Library of Process Objects, enabling device integration with PlantPAx while reducing complexity. It supports up to eight inputs and each input supports automatic sensor recognition. This liquid analysis transmitter enables plug-and-play of pre-calibrated sensors that measure variables such as pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and more. The library object provides specific probe faceplates for all eight channels, with diagnostics and health information available to the operator, maintainer or engineer right from the operator display.
  • HART Integration
    A large installed base of HART devices are now easier to integrate with the new Library of Process Objects for integration of HART instrumentation. These objects separate the specific field architecture from your control strategy to provide modularity and enable development of control strategies regardless of the underlying hardware. The latest release of the Library supports more than a dozen HART analog input and analog output modules, offering a variety of I/O capabilities and form factors. All module objects provide for automatic or manual retrieval of field device information, including digital variables with units and status, configured text, diagnostics, and analog scaling configuration.

Where to Get the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects

The Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects can be downloaded from the Product Compatibility Download Center at:

For more information about all of the updates and benefits to the PlantPAx system, visit:

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