Remote Power Monitoring and Management Service

May 12, 2016
Eaton's PredictPulse service allows IT and data center managers to view real-time power diagnostics from a secure online dashboard and mobile application.

At the same time, it remotely diagnoses and expedites on-site emergency repairs using a smart dispatch process. It is designed to present real-time information via an online dashboard so operators can understand exactly what is happening with their power infrastructure and respond quickly to events. The service also connects customers with the company's monitoring experts who can decipher complex, cryptic alarms and recommend appropriate action to resolve them. By combining more advanced sensor and alarm data to remotely diagnose events and expedite repair processes, the service can give operators peace of mind and bring faster resolutions to critical power events. The service is built on Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) software from CA Technologies, plus its alarm management expertise. It uses industry standard security, reliable connectivity and the user's email server for direct outgoing communications to mitigate risk and maximize performance.

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