Abaco Systems Introduces Unique Software Tool to Speed Time-to-Deployment of Embedded Computing Application

June 14, 2016
Abaco Systems announced AXIS DataView, an innovative extension to the company’s AXIS software development environment.

Abaco Systems announced AXIS DataView, an innovative extension to the company’s AXIS software development environment. DataView is unique in the market, and allows customers to rapidly develop graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for their embedded applications deployed on Abaco Systems hardware. Ideal for displaying data and adding controls to signal- and image processing applications as well as any system control or communications application, DataView significantly reduces the time, cost and risk of developing sophisticated software solutions and speeds time-to-deployment.

By addressing the development costs associated with developing and porting GUIs to multiple platforms while also addressing performance overhead issues DataView makes adding a GUI to a broad range of applications both practical and valuable. DataView is both quick and simple to learn; it is easily portable; and it has minimal impact on overall system throughput.

In-house tests performed by Abaco show that, using DataView, a reduction of over 90% in the lines of code required to create a typical signal generator GUI or signal processing GUI is achievable when compared with alternative approaches. In addition to development time and cost savings the DataView tool creates code that is considerably easier to maintain and enhance.

Key benefits of AXIS DataView include:

  • No specialist programming GUI knowledge required
  • Simple and easy to learn – allows creation of application GUI in days
  • Easy to maintain - no complex event-driven GUI code to maintain
  • Multi-OS support, including Windows and Linux hosts, and Windows, Linux and VxWorks embedded targets
  • Multi-platform support includes Intel, NXT (PowerPC) and ARM hardware architectures

“Our customers need to get from concept to deployment faster than ever before in order to secure competitive advantage – and AXIS DataView is yet another demonstration of our commitment to helping them do so,” said Chris Lever, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “Our customers can benefit substantially from the uniquely rich, intuitive, high performance software development environment that AXIS delivers, enabling them to field applications more quickly than would otherwise be possible.”

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