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Large Protected Housing

GracePort+ From Grace Engineered Products is an HMI cover kit that complements the company’s line of GracePort components and Permanent Electrical Safety Devices.

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The cover kit is designed to provide protection for valuable components from dust, dirt, oil, water, UV rays and other environmental contaminants found in the industrial setting. It features a strong and rigid design, mounting securely to the outside of an enclosure, and provides safer and convenient access to electrical, electronic and data components. The standard model is UL Recognized with a Formed-In-Place (FIP) polyurethane gasket system for protection in harsh industrial environments and outdoor applications. The clear cover is made with polycarbonate thermoplastic and is UV rated. The cover can be customized to meet precise needs with the company’s line of components. Users can also request special text and company logos to be printed on the faceplate. The faceplates can also be customized to provide housing for many leading manufacturers’ HMIs. The cover also allows for flexible mounting with hinges on the top, bottom, left, or right along with padlockable capability.

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