Wieland Electric introduces “ice cube” power relays

Aug. 3, 2016
Featuring a transparent “ice cube” housing with industry-standard packaging, Wieland’s flare Move HC Series general-purpose industrial power relays provide economical power solutions in a variety of coil voltages & pole configurations.

Wieland Electric Inc., a global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has introduced a series of general-purpose industrial power relays with transparent “ice cube” housings and integrated LED indicators. Ideal for use in industrial equipment, construction machinery, commercial applications that require reliable power connections, and instrumentation, automation, and control systems, the new flare Move HC Series ice cube power relays are available in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-pole configurations with standard coil voltages of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 12Vac, and 120Vac. Additional voltages are available upon request.

Designed for mounting to a 35mm DIN rail, the relays feature a plug-in socket with large screw terminals that are easy to work with, and are rated cURus for use in the USA and Canada up to 240Vac/28Vdc and 10A.

“The new flare Move HC Series ice cube relays provide designers with a powerful, economical solution in a familiar, easy-to-use package,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “They can be specified as a drop-in replacement for industry standard power relays in a wide range of applications.”

Rated for use in operating temperatures spanning -20° to +55°C, the new ice cube power relays feature robust connection tabs that securely lock to mounting sockets, with optional retaining clips for use in high shock and vibration applications, to prevent damage during transport, handling, and installation. The series can withstand up to 10G shock, and 10Hz – 55Hz, 1.0mm vibration.

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