Glide-Line Introduces the new Glide-Line 360 which allows limitless creativity for product handling in minimal space.

Aug. 25, 2016
“Unlimited solutions for a wide range of applications”—Rick Sabo, VP Sales & Marketing, item NA, MB Kit Systems.

Glide-Line™, manufacturer of versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling conveyor solutions, introduces Glide-Line 360.

“As a provider of mechanical hardware solutions, item North America/MB Kit Systems Inc. sees multiple requests for complex material handling solutions. Clearly, Glide-Line always seems to know what customers need and the new Glide-Line 360 has unlimited solutions for a wide range of applications.” Rick Sabo, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, item North America, MB Kit Systems

The Glide-Line 360 is a combination of powered timing belt based conveyors working together with our family of devices to accomplish almost any type of movement (orientation change, sort, or shift) for your product in a very small space. With this new tool in your toolbox, Glide-Line’s 360 will allow for endless configurations and maximize assembly workspace.

Used as a centralized hub, the new Glide-Line 360 can help solve complex pallet, work-piece and panel handling distribution challenges. By solving challenging traffic control situations, the Glide-Line 360 makes it possible to minimize the space needed for a layout in a very cost effective manner. With just one system you can now Shuttle, Divert, Merge, Sort, Stack, Lift & Lower, Transfer and Turn your pallet or pallets. To try Glide-Line 360 for your next design, contact Craig Newberry at [email protected] or call 215-721-1900 ext. 148. Look for our Glide-Line 360 in action at the following shows: Booth #1211 at the Assembly Show, ATX west, Booth #4342 and Automate, Booth #2624

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