Supplement Tub is Custom-Designed for Convenience

Dec. 31, 2016
A new custom container for nutritional supplements that can be refilled and reused includes a snap-on lid and measurement scoop for ease of use.

Nutritional supplements company Signutra Inc., based in Wilmington, DE, has introduced a new range of products for the Indian market, with the identity, packaging and label designs created by Precipice Design. The new line is made up of Maxvida supplements for adults, Groviva for children, and Vidavance for diabetics. The new packs feature bold colors, powerful branding, and clear informational graphics, designed to work effectively in visually vibrant Indian retail environments.

As Precipice explains, the primary packaging is completely custom for the range, with many unique features. These include a snap-on lid with a hermetic seal, which has two wings for easy opening; a patented “click and store” measurement scoop that slots neatly into the upper part of the tub; and a sturdy stacking tub that can be replenished from refill packs and can be reused for storage when empty.

Says Ewald van der Ven, General Manager at Signutra parent company Modi-Mundipharma Health & Nutrition Div., based in India, “We have created a portfolio of nutrition products from initial plan to launch in just under three years. We first developed the packaging with Precipice, and have simultaneously constructed a state-of-the-art purpose-built factory near Delhi, so everything is optimized for this unique new presentation and these brands. Precipice partnered with us every step of the way, visiting toolmakers, printers, and molders at a very early stage and collaborating with us throughout the development process. Precipice has done a fantastic job on the branding and packaging.”

Precipice Chief Design Officer Miles Hawley says, “Using our unique semiotic process and iterative research sessions with local pharmacists, GPs, and consumers, we defined the visual and functional parameters for our work. In creating the brand marques, label designs and unique structures, we feel we’ve created a best-in-class solution for the market.

“Our packaging design has a number of patented features, and every aspect of usability has been thought through. As we’ve been able to deliver a totally bespoke solution based on thorough market and consumer understanding, we are confident Signutra will become a leading player in the market and achieve instant consumer loyalty to the brands.”