AutomationDirect: PLC programming software features

AutomationDirect’s Productivity Suite PLC programming software version 2.4 provides two new software communications enhancements for the Productivity series controllers.

PLC programming software features
PLC programming software features

Custom Protocol over Ethernet (CPE) is a new feature that allows programmers to create their own Hex-based communications protocol between the Productivity series CPU and third party Ethernet devices; Ethernet-based ASCII is one possibility with this new feature. Another new option is Productivity Network (ProNET), which allows data sharing between two or more networked Productivity series CPUs. With this feature, users simply broadcast and/or receive data messages “behind the scenes” without the need for any communications instructions in the ladder program.

Productivity series CPUs can support up to 32 unique Global IDs for the networked PLCs in any combination of publishers and subscribers.

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