RAE DC Products: Water resistant DC motors

Sept. 22, 2016
Model M7000 permanent magnetic DC motors from RAE DC Products provide the protection needed to operate in wet and dusty environments.

These motors feature IEC IP56 enclosure that includes O-rings between both endbells and frame for internal protection. A watertight lead wire strain-relief completes the package for the maximum service life. M7000 motors are available with continuous torque ratings available from 56 to 110 in. oz., or SCR ratings from 28 to 56 in. oz. Horsepower ratings are available from 1/30 to 1/4 HP and output speeds up to 3500 RPM. Users can select voltage from 12 to 180.

These motors feature NEMA Class F insulation, high-energy ceramic magnets, double shielded ball bearings, and dynamically balanced armature for high performance and long service life. Foot and flange mountings are available.

They are available with various options to meet application needs. These include special output shaft modifications, specialty brackets, end bell modifications, gear drives, electronic controls, brakes, encoders, junction boxes, special lead or harness assemblies, and special terminals or plugs. Private label or special label product, custom colors and specialty packaging are also available.

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