Phoenix Contact: Industrial PCs for simple applications

April 28, 2017
Phoenix Contact introduces VL2 1000 industrial PCs, equipped with Intel Atom Bay Trail processors for fast processing time in simple applications; these entry-level box and panel units feature an optional CAN interface, screen sizes from 7 to 21.5 in., and easy customization.

The VL2 1000 includes the VL2’s display in smaller sizes (7-, 9-, and 12.1-in. screens), as well as the 15.6-, 18.5-, and 21.5-in.-sized displays available in other VL2 models. This gives OEMs a consistent user interface on machines, whether they build small or larger applications. All of the displays have a capacitive-touch interface, allowing swiping, pinching, and multiple touch points at one time.

The optional CAN module provides configurability for communication protocols. Other configuration options include memory, mass storage, operating system, and fieldbus. The VL2 1000 ensures maximum uptime, thanks to a passively cooled, single-board design and a service-friendly, full-metal housing.

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