Thomson: Linear actuator line

Thomson Industries, Inc. has expanded its WhisperTrak actuator line to give motion system designers greater ability to extend quiet, compact actuation to more demanding applications.

Linear actuator line
Linear actuator line

New additions to the WhisperTrak linear actuator line double force-handling capability from 2 kN to 4 kN; provide higher-speed operation at 2 kN; and offer new options for low-level switching, limit switching, and position control at both 2 kN and 4 kN operation.

The 4 kN WhisperTrak offering is rated for 4 kN (900 lbs.) with speed at 4 mm/sec (0.16 in./sec). The 2 kN version is rated for 2 kN (450 lbs.) with speed at 8 mm/s (0.31 in./sec). All models can be specified for 12- or 24-volt input with stroke lengths available between 100 and 500 mm (3.94 to 19.69 in.).

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