Siemens offers new communication option, EtherNet/IP, for Simocode pro motor management system including Tiastar™ motor control center

May 9, 2017
Siemens is extending its proven Simocode pro motor management system and further improving its flexibility by offering a new communication option over EtherNet/IP.

Siemens is extending its proven Simocode pro motor management system and further improving its flexibility by offering a new communication option over EtherNet/IP. This provides proven existing functions and motor control displays as well as its familiar ease of parameterization using Simocode ES V14 extending to EtherNet/IP.

Siemens is enhancing its Simocode pro motor management system for comprehensive and unrestricted motor monitoring and control to incorporate new communication connectivity. The system’s improved flexibility opens up the scope for a wide range of additional application fields. Alongside the existing options over Profinet, Profibus and Modbus, open communication over EtherNet/IP including additional EtherNet-based services such as NTP (network time protocol) are now additionally available. The new device variant also offers already existing motor control and monitoring functions and displays such as the integrated webserver for measured value diagnosis and analysis, support for redundancy mechanisms and simple parameterization using Simocode ES V14.

The motor control devices of the Simocode pro product series were developed specifically for the management of motors in the low-voltage range. The system operates independently of the controller and offers comprehensive protection, monitoring, safety and control functions between the motor feeder and the automation system. The motor control devices can be simply integrated into virtually any control system, given the flexible connectivity options. An example of a system solution using Simocode includes Tiastar motor control centers. The new EtherNet/IP option will allow the user to integrate the smartest controller into existing or new applications seamlessly. The motor control centers with the EtherNet/IP option in Simocode can be supplied with star or redundant-ring network topologies. Because the EtherNet/IP communication protocol is provided on the individual communicating device, no additional communication devices, such as protocol converters, or adapters are required.

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