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EZTouch - PLC/Operator Interface HMI Hardware

“Innovation by Design” is not just a catchy motto: it’s why award winning EZAutomation’s EZTouch HMI continues to “Wow” the industry with the latest technology and features.

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Since 1999, the EZTouch HMI has provided thousands of OEMs, System Integrators and End-users in all different industries millions of innovative PLC Operator Interfaces with the lowest costs, most innovative features and great quality service.

If you are an OEM or Systems Integrator, you understand the importance of an HMI that integrates seamlessly with your PLC, maximizes machine efficiency and uptime and provides your machine the best possible look all without breaking the bank. These three points just mentioned are exactly what the latest generation EZTouch does.

The EZTouch 3 series HMI with its bright White LED backlight, vibrant sixty five thousand colors, an updated four thousand-symbol object library, and a slim bezel profile provide you with a sleek looking interface to your machine.

The EZTouch 3 series is equipped with two Serial Ports for programming and PLC communications, an Ethernet port for programming, PLC communications and remote access, two USB ports for programming, HMI project upload, and data logging, and a micro SD card slot for data acquisition. EZTouch’s Dual Driver protocol support allows you to communicate to multiple PLCs simultaneously. Furthermore with the PLC Protocol conversion feature, the EZTouch can translate data from one PLC manufacturer to another. The Ethernet Port coupled with the EZRMC mobile application allows you to remotely access your machine from anywhere in the world over the web. The extensive list of protocols supported ensures that you have seamless integration to your PLC. Enjoy communication drivers such as Ethernet I/P, Data Highway Plus, Modbus TCP IP, Automation Direct Productivity, Do-More, GE’s SRTP, Siemens ISO over TCP and many more.

EZAutomtion knows how “time is money” so with EZTouch’s patented online-edit feature, machine down time due to changes in the program can be eliminated. The unique feature allows you to troubleshoot or change your running HMI without missing a beat. No more having to wait until shift changes to edit your HMI screens.

The EZTouch 3 series is available in a 6”, 7” widescreen, 8”, 10” or 15” display all at incredibly low prices. With a four year extended warranty, free technical support, free shipping, free online documentation, an American manufactured quality product, the EZTouch HMI guarantees the lowest upfront and total cost of ownership for your HMI needs. So come check out the EZTouch HMI today at

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