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AutomationDirect adds new line of Precision Limit Switches

AutomationDirect has added a new line of high precision limit/position switches from Metrol.

Aw 138462 Pr12

AutomationDirect has added a new line of high precision limit/position switches from Metrol. Traditional limit switches and even electronic proximity sensors are limited in terms of accuracy and repeatability. These cost-effective, ultra-precise mechanical limit switches have repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and even 0.5 microns (µm) depending on the specific model.

Along with their high precision, these stainless steel limit switches are also some of the smallest switches/sensors available. Their tiny size allows them to be mounted in extremely tight locations. With a 4mm diameter barrel and length of only 12.8 mm, model BP4SWA is the smallest precision limit switch on the market.

In addition to the 4mm smooth barrel, these switches are also available in 5mm and 6mm smooth barrel, as well as M5, M6, M8, & M10 threaded barrels. While the smallest versions use “core wire” due to space constraints, larger models include rugged 2m or 3m pigtail cables and have LED indicators built-in.

Five precision limit switch series are available: precision touch with 3 micron or 5 micron accuracy; high precision touch and tool setter with 0.5 micron accuracy; ball plunger with 10 micron accuracy, and high temperature rated with 10 micron accuracy and operating temperatures up to 200°C. Precision limit switches are priced from $39.50 and have a 1-year warranty.

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