Extended LINARIX Draw Wire Portfolio

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Extended LINARIX Draw Wire Portfolio

As part of our commitment to quality, we are always working to improve the products offered in the POSITAL portfolio. Therefore we have extended our LINARIX line of draw-wire linear displacement sensors to include more economical housings and a wider measurement range. These competitive and versatile devices are commonly used in applications that require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety.

Economical and Light Plastic Housings
2.40 m and 7.50 m Measurement Length
Small Form Factor for Easy Installation
Competitive Pricing
Numerous Configurations for All Application Requirements
Wide Variety of Outputs Including Analog, Incremental, Fieldbus and Ethernet Variants
Suited For: Indoor Material Handling and Medical Equipment

Excellent Choice for a Variety of Industries

New draw wire options added to the portfolio include economical housings for 2.4 m and and 7.5 m units. These light, cost-efficient units are perfect for medical equipment applications. Indoor material handling appliances, such as forklifts or AGVs, can be acoomodated by our advanced longer draw wire with plastic housing. LINARIX linear sensors are available in many configurations to meet any application requirements. Options include a wide variety of outputs including analog, incremental, Fieldbus, and Ethernet variants.

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