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Yokogawa Corporation of America Releases Y-Flow® Flow Computer and Remote Terminal Unit

Yokogawa Corporation of America is pleased to announce the release of Y-Flow®.

Yokogawa Corporation of America is pleased to announce the release of Y-Flow®. The Y-Flow® product family consists of the Y-Flow® YFFC (Field Flow Computer) and Y-Flow® YRTU (Remote Terminal Unit). The Y-Flow® YFFC is a low power orifice flow computer designed to measure AGA 3 orifice gas flow and the Y-Flow® YRTU is a low power remote terminal unit designed to measure various complex AGA gas flow calculations as well as remote control applications.

Development Background
The overall basic function of an electronic flow computer is to calculate and record flow rate using industry standard algorithms as natural gas and other hydrocarbons pass through a meter of a segmented section of pipeline. These meters could include, but are not limited to, orifice meters, linear meters, ultrasonic meters, or Coriolis meters.

A typical orifice measurement application requires a differential pressure transmitter, static pressure transducer and temperature probe. Many flow computers use a multivariable transmitter that can measure differential pressure and static pressure in one transmitter to reduce cost.
The Y-Flow™ YFFC is a co-innovation development between Eagle Research Corporation and Yokogawa. The Y-Flow® YFFC utilizes Yokogawa’s highly accurate and reliable EJX910A multivariable transmitter capsule and communication board. The EJX910A uses the established DPharp pressure sensor technology that allows for simultaneous measurement of differential pressure and static pressure (absolute or gauge) from one sensor. The multivariable capsule and communication board are integrated into the flow computer as a single unit, thus reducing the cost of ownership and providing an accurate and precise measurement.

The Y-Flow® YRTU is a remote terminal unit that allows an external turbine meter, ultrasonic meter, multivariable transmitters and Coriolis meter to be connected to measure complex AGA gas flow calculations. In addition, the Y-Flow® YRTU can measure, monitor and control other remote applications.

Product Features
1. Simultaneous runs
The Y-Flow® allows for up to two simultaneous flow runs on a single unit. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership and enhances the flexibility of the flow computer. Additionally, the Y-Flow® YFFC features bi-directional index that can measure gas flow in both directions.
2. Low power
Due to its low power consumption, the Y-Flow® can be integrated with a solar panel charger supporting up to 20 watts. Furthermore, it accepts up to 32AH solar panel battery. This allows the Y-Flow® to be installed in remote places where power is not readily available.
3. Flexible communications
The Y-Flow® offers on board RS232/RS485, Ethernet and USB connections along with Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus Serial protocols. In addition, the Y-Flow® can be easily integrated with various wireless communication options available out in the market today (cellular, radio spectrum and satellite)
4. Pre-configured application database
A pre-configured application database is pre-loaded into the Y-Flow® based on the customer’s application. This significantly minimizes setup and startup time when the flow computer is deployed in the field. More importantly, the flow computer stores 40 days’ worth of hourly and daily flow data that can be retrieved and printed with ease.

UL & cUL, Class I Division II Group A,B,C,D Hazardous Locations

Major Target Markets
Oil & gas, power generation, metals, iron & steel

AGA 3 Orifice Measurement Tube/Run Switching
AGA 5 Fuel Gas Calorific Measurement Turbine Meter Profiling
AGA 8 Gas Density Measurement (Detailed & Gross Methods I & II) Tank Level Monitoring
AGA-7 Measurement of Natural Gas by Turbine Meter Emergency Shutdown
AGA-9 Measurement of Gas by Multi-Path Ultrasonic Meters (using AGA-7) Valve Control
AGA-11 Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis Meter (using AGA-7) Compliance Alarming
NX-19 Gas Density Measurement

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