Automation's Future Includes More Third-Party Service Providers

From cloud offerings to system integrators, the collaboration landscape between CPGs and OEMs is changing.

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Currently, consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) use OEM engineers and third-party service providers equally to support advancements in machine automation and remote diagnostics, and to manage data. That could be changing, with a growth in third-party providers, according to a study from PMMI Business Intelligence, 2017 Evolution of Automation.

Internal engineers for CPGs will always play a role in machinery management in order to protect proprietary information, the report details. And OEMs have a vested interest in servicing equipment as well.

But there will be a need for more specialized technicians in the future. “There are too many companies trying to implement and manage advancing automation and data analysis internally,” a CFO of a technology company warns. “Many lack the skills to do it properly.”

For more information, download the executive summary or full report of 2017 Evolution of Automation.


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