FR-XC regeneration converter

The FR-XC converter from Mitsubishi Electric is a multifunctional converter combining harmonic suppression and power generation into a single solution.

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The FR-XC is designed to deliver significant cost savings in applications such as crane, roll-to-roll, and material handling.

This compact, stand-alone addition to Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency drives (VFDs) allows excess energy to return to the power supply. No large power supply capacity is needed because of the converted and recycled energy, and system input power factor is improved.

The converter also facilitates compliance with international standards for harmonic suppression (five percent or less).

The FR-XC Series converter is practical hardware that can more than pay for itself in energy savings. DC common bus regeneration enables continuous regenerative operation at 100 percent torque. When the converter is connected to multiple inverters, regenerative energy is shared.

When regenerative power is smaller than VFD capacity, the more compact FR-XC power generation converter is a solid option.

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