Advantech’s Industrial IoT World Partner Conference Co-Creating the IIoT Ecosystem and Driving Business Growth by Digital Transformation

Dec. 11, 2019

Advantech, a global leader in IoT, held a two-day Industrial-IoT World Partner Conference (IIoT WPC) at Advantech’s IoT Campus in Linkou. It was the first large-scale partner conference since the IoT Co-Creation Summit held in Suzhou last year. This year, Advantech shared its insights and perspectives on how to confront Industrial IoT (IIoT) challenges in the future through the theme of Driving Digital Transformation in Industrial IoT. Also, Advantech invited Dr. Deepu Talla, Vice President and General Manager of Intelligent Machines, NVIDIA; and Erik Josefsson, Vice President and Head of Advanced Technology, Ericsson, to share their perspectives on AI, 5G, and Edge Computing.

To confront the dilemma of fragmentation in the IIoT application space, Advantech developed an Industrial app platform to resolve this challenge. Through the utilization of WISE-PaaS IIoT platform functions, Advantech provides microservices that allow DFSI (Domain-Focused Solution Integrator) partners to have easy access to all the featured modules so they can collaborate with Advantech and develop complete industrial solutions. According to Linda Tsai, President of IIoT Business Group, Advantech, “To accelerate the process of resolving the fragmentation dilemma and realizing the goal of co-creation, the strategy for Advantech IIoT Business Group in 2020 has three major directions: Advancing product technology in order to connect with the leading trends that aim at targeted industrial markets; perfecting the implementation and operation of WISE-PaaS Marketplace 2.0, and strengthening partner relationships and exchange of co-creation ideas.”

l   Advancing product technology in order to connect with the leading trends that aim at targeted industrial markets.

Targeting specific IIoT industries such as Industry 4.0 infrastructure, smart manufacturing, traffic environment monitoring, and energy, Advantech IIoT provides a whole series of edge-to-cloud products with leading technologies, ranging from 5G to AI applications. The goal is to provide optimal business support for digital transformation, corresponding with trending developments.

l   Perfecting the implementation and operation of WISE-PaaS Marketplace 2.0.

WISE-PaaS Marketplace 2.0 is a trading platform for IIoT solutions that provide customers with subscription services for Industrial apps (I.App). The platform invites its ecosystem partners to launch their solutions via the platform. Users are able to subscribe Edge.SRP, General I.App, Domain I.App, AI modules, as well as consulting services, and training services provided by Advantech and partners on WISE-PaaS Marketplace 2.0.

l   Strengthen partner relationship bonding and exchange of co-creation ideas.

Deepen the connections and relationships with channel partners, system integrators, and DFSI, to build a future of co-existence as ecosystem partners through the exchange and sharing of ideas, and co-creation collaboration.

Breakthroughs and Growth in Key Technology Development – Industrial AI, Intelligent Edge Computing, and Industrial Communication

At the WPC, not only did Advantech share the development strategy and direction of the IIoT Business Group, but we also showcased the breakthroughs and growth in the development of technologies in various key sectors such as Industry 4.0 infrastructure, smart manufacturing, traffic environment monitoring, and energy. Among which, complete solutions in industrial AI and an exclusive industrial one-stop training collaboration and deployment between Advantech and its partners, designed to help customers quickly and accurately build AI models, was showcased. The new XNavi series intelligent edge computing software for machine vision inspection, production traceability, equipment monitoring, and predictive maintenance was also on view, as well as the emphasis on Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) switches in smart communication which significantly reduce transmission delays and improves network response speeds.

Advantech and Co-Creation Partners Collaborate closely in Building Domain-focused Applications with WISE-PaaS

Looking at the success of the IoT Co-Creation Summit in Suzhou last year, Advantech invited 16 co-creation partners both domestically and abroad, to showcase their solutions that they have co-created with Advantech in recent years, including solutions in PCB machine networking and equipment, smart community management, smart energy monitoring, industrial area environment monitoring, digitization of various equipment, and digital asset management, all of which are based on WISE-PaaS and equipped with intelligent gateways or high-performance edge computing platforms.

Linda Tsai added, “Advantech is using the conference to drive and promote the growth and sustainability of artificial intelligence and IIoT solutions. Also, to create a new future ecosystem for IIoT industry partners, and further expand Advantech's leading position in the global market of IIoT.” This year, there are over 400 customers and partners from 40 countries around the world participating in Advantech IIoT WPC, and more than 40 booths showcasing the latest IIoT solutions, including 16 solutions co-created by Advantech and partners.

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