3D Mapping for Augmented Reality

April 10, 2023
The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance has published a report that reviews 3D mapping technologies and explains how to choose a 3D scanner for specific applications.

As augmented reality (AR) is increasingly deployed in the manufacturing and processing industries—particularly in maintenance and training applications, it’s important for companies to recognize that 3D models or point clouds can lower the cost, time and developer training to view an object or environment with AR information such as instructions, warnings or routes overlaid on the physical world.

According to the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), AR technology is already being leveraged with 3D mapping data to provide strategic tools for site planning, instructional guidance or real-time navigation. AREA notes that, as AR technology advances, so will its capabilities to leverage 3D mapping data.

To help companies better understand the application of 3D mapping technologies to AR, AREA has published a new research report entitled “3D Mapping Solutions for Enterprise AR.” The report reviews 3D mapping technologies and principles and defines parameters for choosing a 3D scanner for a specific use case.

“This research helps to inform how 3D mapping technologies can be utilized to capture accurate, cost-effective digital representations of real-world environments, how this data can be leveraged in augmented reality applications, and why these concepts can be useful in industrial environments,” said Samuel Neblett, senior AR/VR software developer and 3D modeler for Boeing Research & Technology.

This research addresses:

  • Which 3D mapping technologies can be used in enterprise AR
  • The quickest and most accurate way to capture 3D environments for AR
  • How to leverage existing standards for rapid/future-proof AR applications based on 3D mapping
  • How to deterine when to add 3D mapping
  • How to integrate and leverage 3D mapping in AR authoring platforms * How to integrate points of interest from 3D maps into AR experiences
  • Where 3D mapping technology and AR should be used
  • When and how 3D environment maps can be useful in enterprise AR deployments

The report also includes a supporting sample project to demonstrate a real-world example that leverages 3D scan data for an AR-assisted use case.

Access an executive summary of the 3D Mapping Solutions for Enterprise AR research report.

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