Industrial PC Modularization and Why it Matters

June 22, 2023
Why modularization for industrial PCs is becoming critical

Automation companies such as Pepperl+Fuchs are moving away from standalone industrial PCs, so much so that it’s become an industry-wide trend.

“Typically, we talk about rugged devices that give long-term support for end users [when talking about industrial PCs],” Marc Seissler, head of product management for HMI at Pepperl+Fuchs, told Control. “This becomes more important, particularly when there are transitions from operating systems and shorter lifecycles at the software and hardware levels.

Partner publication Control recently spoke with Pepperl+Fuch’s Seissler and Aaron Severa, regional product manager and Level 2 technical support, about PCs trends in a Control Amplified podcast. Listen to the podcast or see the transcript here.

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