ISA Automation Week Program Taking Shape

April 12, 2011
The call for papers for the conference part of ISA Automation Week has just closed. I'm waiting to see how the program lines up—more presentations from practitioners or more academic papers for instance.
I know that leadership has suddenly realized that it takes a lot of hard work to get a good program together, sell the exhibit space, make up for the poor way the event was handled last year and, finally, convince people to come.Here is a preview of the general session of the conference. Looks interesting.Charlie Cutler, Béla Lipták, Greg McMillan, Russ Rhinehart and Terry Tolliver will lead a 90–minute General Session entitled, “The Present and Future of Automation Worldwide” on October 19, 2011.The event will take place at the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama on October 17 - 20, 2011. The General Session expert participants will share their knowledge that is essential for advancing the use of process automation and optimization. The press release from ISA states, "Attendees will gain insights on the best existing practices and new possibilities for the use of process automation and optimization for improving individual unit operation performance and overall manufacturing efficiency and capacity."The following talks will be covered in the General Session:
  •     How advanced PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) features can improve process efficiency and profitability and increase flexibility, maintainability and operability for sustainable manufacturing.
  •     What knowledge is essential for advancing the use of process automation and optimization.
  •     Opportunities for the process control community to establish ties in Saudi Arabia and potentially position the US as a resource for help and guidance in Saudi Arabia’s control applications.
  •     How automation professionals will play a critical role in developing the technology of the future.
  •     Examples of how process design affects the achievable performance of reactor temperature control, pH control and distillation column control.

    Let me know if you are thinking about attending. I have a very busy October, but I've set aside that week so far in preparation for a trip.

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