Security: USB Virus Detector for Industrial Systems

Turning the stuxnet malware concept on its head is the Vaccine USB, a new portable product for Windows industrial-based systems that offers virus scan software via a USB drive.

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In many reported examples, the stuxnet worm has been deployed with a USB drive and infected many industrial environments using Siemens WinCC/Step 7 software, creating a new security hole for plant managers to close.

This new product, powered by McAfee, also uses a USB drive but deploys a virus scan program stored on its emulated CD-ROM partition and will auto-run if needed. The default setting performs a virus "scan only," but can be configured to "scan and remove" infected files. LED lights on the device provide scan results, a red light indicates viruses detected or a blue light for a clean system. A detailed scan log is saved on the device, allowing further analysis by IT managers.   

The portable device requires no software installation to detect viruses, eliminating the issue of voided product warranties because of non-sanctioned software on a particular system. The most recent virus definitions can be downloaded to the USB from any Internet connection with the latest definition file, even in network-isolated environments.

Moto Watanbe, Product Manager, Hagiwara Sys-Com US, says, "Our scan on-demand Vaccine USB enables facility IT and floor employees to proactively identify and manage threats, allowing for early detection and minimizing possible damage."

Applications include industrial settings in factory automation, professional A/V equipment, medical systems, and test and measurement devices. The product is set for release in January 2011.

Sample requests are now being accepted, click here for more information.

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