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The Race is On for Security

The Kentucky Derby is “the” race for three-year old thoroughbreds and some say “the two most exciting minutes in sport.”

Aw 505 1105 Web Toc Derby

After last year’s Stuxnet control breach, “excitement” is something plant managers would like to avoid at work. The security race for plant managers is 24/7, 365 days of the year, and rather than “winning,” the goal is more about not losing anything.

The focus for Automation World’s May issue is industrial security and our Industrial Ethernet Review supplement leads with a feature on wired and wireless network security. This feature, “Doing All You Can to Be Cyber Secure?” written by Contributing Editor Terry Costlow, discusses best practices, the latest developments with ISA99 and a perceived lack of urgency towards network security. One best practice mentioned is to limit communication between devices, only allowing communication on a “as-need” basis. Regarding security standards, where’s does the emphasis go? Facilities? Equipment makers?

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