“Internet of Things”

“The Internet of Things is the emerging IT (information technology) platform,” said Flavio Bonomi, Cisco Fellow and head, Advanced Architecture and Research, at Cisco Systems Inc. (www.cisco.com), the San Jose, Calif.-based network products provider.

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It consists of pervasive computing, that is, intelligence in things down to the edge device, plus storage, plus networking, Bonomi told the annual meeting of ODVA (www.odva.org), the former Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) in Phoenix on March 3.

“The infrastructure core includes data centers with a network core and network edge devices,” he added. “Mobile access is a must, as is a ‘sensory swarm’ composed of such devices as RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags, sensors, actuators, embedded systems, smart phones, tablets and laptops. The Internet of Things requires a clear architecture, open standards and interoperability. This is what IP (Internet protocol) is bringing.”

Application examples for the Internet of Things include smart buildings, the smart grid, and coordinating and controlling various transportation methods.

Cisco Systems Inc.


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