Continuous Learning—Packaging, Automation Style

March 5, 2011
It has probably always been true, but we like to think that the current age is different from all others. Human beings have probably always been continuously learning from the time we were hunter-gatherers.

In some eras, you either kept learning or you died. Today, you either keep learning or your company goes out of business and you can’t find a decent job.

Automation World and Packaging World magazines are offering a great opportunity for learning at our Sixth Annual Packaging Automation Forum (PAF). This year’s edition convenes April 26 at the Westin O’Hare in suburban Chicago. The speaker line-up is as strong as any we’ve had. Safety is such an important topic that we’ve assembled a panel of experts to discuss machine safety. We’ll also get a look at the benefits of using the PackML standard promulgated by the OMAC Packaging Working Group.

This issue’s theme is how processing machines and packaging machines have much in common and need to be considered together. Information shared at the PAF will be germane to both. And bring the Information Technology team, too. We’ll discuss information. Best of all is always the hallway conversations where you can meet peers and share stories.

View a video in which Gary Mintchell shares his thoughts about the ARC Manufacturing Forum Feb. 6-10, including some thoughts about OMAC.