Hart Power Supply Kit

Sept. 4, 2009
Connect and power Hart-enabled devices facilitating device configuration, adjustment or troubleshooting. Works with all 24 Vdc instrumentation.

PowerXpress Solutions has released of PowerXpress Model H100USB Hart field device power supply kit. delivers the required power to smart devices and provides the required Hart network load needed for device configuration and commissioning. Portable power is supplied from the USB port on your laptop or the included AC/USB power adapter and works with your existing handheld or PC-based configuration software applications.

PowerXpress benefits include:

  • Supplies 24V dc power to 2-wire devices using laptop USB connection or a 110/220V ac power adapter (included)
  • Simplifies modem, handheld and digital multimeter connections
  • Powers all 4-20 mA, 2-wire Hart-enabled devices 
  • Read mA directly without breaking the loop
  • Connection kit includes everything needed for reliable communication 

 "With an estimated 75 percent of all smart devices sold each year being Hart-enabled, we saw the need for a quick, reliable, and safe way to meet the changing needs of users who want a power and connection solution that is 'out of the box,' " says Chuck Micallef, PowerXpress Solutions. "The PowerXpress addresses the issues of input isolation, polarity and over current protection, load resister connection and others items needed for reliable communication. The product provides easy connection to your Hart-enabled device, handheld configuration tool, mA meter / digital multimeter, Hart modem and a stable power source. And, no more hunting around for expensive power supplies, connecting cables, adapters, resister and other items required for device configuration."

The PowerXpress power solution kit includes: precision internal load resister, milliamp tap to allow direct measurement of mA, over current protection, mini-grabbers for quick and reliable device connection, adapter kit for modem and handheld connection, 110/220VAC USB power adapter, power on indicator LED, 2 meter USB power cable, reusable storage case and instruction manual. 

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