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Easily Configure EtherNet/IP Networks

Ease of use and simpler configuring of complex automation components is today's major trend. This freeware tool does just that for EtherNet/IP networks.

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Phoenix Contact introduced "EtherNet/IP Made Easy," a freeware tool that makes simplifies configuring Phoenix Contact managed switches and input/output devices (I/O) for any EtherNet/IP application. You can download it here.

With wizard-style execution, EtherNet/IP Made Easy takes the user through the key steps of EtherNet/IP network device configuration.  No software installation or SNMP services are required. It supports multiple wired or wireless adaptors and provides network discovery and IP management functions for both managed switches and I/O.  Key switch management features include the ability to monitor, set and save multicast IGMP and redundancy settings for groups of managed switches in just a few clicks.

It also configures remote I/O for use with any EtherNet/IP controller. In addition to support for standard digital and analog modules, dynamic linking to downloadable function blocks eases use of Phoenix Contact I/O special function modules with third-party controllers. For example, free add-on instructions for Allen-Bradley RS-Logix 5000 allow easy implementation of control logic by users of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix and DriveLogix controllers from Rockwell Automation.

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