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Pocket PLC

Remote I/O interface adds functionality for small "pocket" programmable logic controller including interface to thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors.

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Galil Motion Control, developer of the RIO Pocket PLC series now offers the new SCB-48x06 signal conditioning board which allows the RIO to interface with thermocouples and RTDs (Resistive Temperature Device). The SCB-48206 interfaces to 6 RTDs and the SCB-48306 interfaces to 6 thermocouples.
The board connects directly to the 26-pin d-sub connector of the RIO-47120 and is oriented vertically from the RIO connector. Other mounting options are available on request. Each RIO unit contains 16 analog I/O and 32 digital I/O. Multiple RIO units can be networked together for what the company states is unlimited I/O expansion. The RIO has a 32-bit processor and non-volatile memory for storing programs.

Features include arithmetic and logical processing, data logging, process control loops, counters and timers. The RIO allows communication via both Ethernet and RS232. It also supports Modbus TCP/IP as master and slave, a web interface and the ability to send email alerts. It can interface with HMIs, PLCs, motion controllers and other I/O devices. The RIO is programmed with Galil’s two-letter commands or Ladder Interface Software.

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