Laser Auto Focus

May 11, 2009
Provides real-time focus for most infinite conjugate microscope systems. It's based on a modified optical version of the "mean transfer function" commonly used in CD/DVD players.

Motion X FocusTrac laser auto focus works with microscope systems including Leica, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss. It can also be configured to work with many older finite conjugate microscope systems as well as individual telecentric optics. By applying advanced optics, mechanics and electronics, the FocusTrac is able to differentiate among in-focus, above focus and below focus conditions to produce a relative error signal that can be used to drive the position of the microscope and objectives relative to the sample of interest into an in focus condition.

Applications in manufacturing have included semiconductor wafers and devices, hard disk read/write heads and disks, razor blades, photovoltaic substrates, MEMs devices, flat panel displays and more. The benefits include increase in through put and reduced operator fatigue.

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