Emerson Enters MES

Feb. 19, 2009
Operations management software is a new product category for Emerson Process Management as it makes a strong entry into the ISA95 Level 3 space, also known as MES.
Its Syncade smart operations management suite is constructed in modules. The intent is to extend the value of the company’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture by integrating real-time plant floor data with procedural, off-line and transactional plant business processes, decisions and asset management. Built on Microsoft.Net, Syncade goes beyond traditional client-server architectures.

“Unveiling of the Syncade Suite is another exciting step in realizing the fully intelligent digital plant,” commented Tom Snead, president of the systems and solutions division of Emerson Process Management. “The new operations management suite integrates the industry’s broadest, most reliable process intelligence from PlantWeb architecture into easy and efficient use for optimum operational decisions.”

The four modules that comprise the product include resource management, operations optimization, integrated information, and quality and compliance.

Resource Management:  This module  includes tools to optimize material conversion and eliminate the use of unsuitable material. Other tools include scheduling, verifying and tracking equipment, guiding manual processes and enabling access to support documents, ensuring personnel have the proper skills, training and qualifications needed to effectively perform their jobs.

Operations Optimization: Improves plant workflow processes that include order management, material weighing/addition/traceability status, equipment state/cleaning/calibration tracking, product sampling and adjustment, electronic procedural control and data collection.

Quality and Compliance: Provides effective data and document management throughout the lifecycle of a document, including online storage, change control, automatic routing, version management, and archived records management. “Turns your documents into management assets; rather than organizational burdens.”

Integrated Information: Provides access to the right data at the right time by integrating real-time plant-floor data with business practices. Streamlines plant operations by coordinating “handshaking” functions between existing plant systems and electronically guiding manual processes.

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