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Brass tacks. Nuts and bolts. Immediate problems and issues occasionally surface from time-to-time for operation personnel in factory and plant settings.

Solutions and consultation are needed throughout the day. So where does the automation professional go to find industry knowledge on a continuous basis, without traveling? Or to share knowledge? Or just to connect with other professionals to see what’s working beyond your own enterprise culture?

Automation World can help. Join Automation World’s LinkedIn group,, and find colleagues sharing their insights and sources for answers to plant challenges. Recent discussions include Industrial Ethernet protocols, integrating tablet computers into an operator’s workflow, what education and tools are needed for today’s engineers, and how automation creates good jobs. The discussion threads can be a respite from your day, a connection to a colleague or the source of some great insight on new technology.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Grant Gerke,, is Digital Managing Editor of Automation World.

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