Data Centers: Cooling Units Deliver

A new in-row cooling unit provides cool air directly to high-density racks found in data centers.

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The new Powerlean cooling unit can provide solutions to small to mid-size manufacturers looking to cool small computer rooms and to bigger data center environments. The cooling unit comes in two sizes, 78 x 24 in. and 78 x 36 in, using 31kW and 52kW respectively. The unit uses chilled water to produce the cooling effect, while also utilizing a high-efficiency motor and an airfoil fan.

"Facility managers can implement a row-orientated architecture with cooling capacity targeted to the needs of specific rows. The cooling unit allows customers to future-proof their data centers (or computer rooms) by eliminating hot spots and allowing a greater overall server load," says Kei Cheung, technical products global category manager, Pentair Technical Products.

Pentair Technical Products, McLean
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