How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the iPad

Oct. 1, 2011
iPad world domination is well on its way for tablets and Automation World has entered the fray again, with a new iPad (and iPhone) app called AW Real-Time.
The Real-Time app provides Automation World readers with continuous updates of manufacturing and automation news as it happens. The app’s content includes case application stories, videos, product reviews and blog posts, columns, and feature articles. The free app features familiar web browser tools, such as the bookmark button (a heart icon) to favorite articles within the app and social media capabilities (Twitter, Facebook and email, too).  Also, Real-Time app users can provide feedback on stories or the app. The Real-Time app is free, just like our Digital Replica iPad app, and can be found in Apple’s App store (  Released in August, the Digital Replica app is a page-by-page “replica” of our print magazine and provides a clean and simple tablet reader experience. All 2011 issues can be found in the Digital Replica app format.Related Content: Read last month’s feature article, “How Automation Professionals Use iPads for Business.” This article showcases our tablet survey done in May 2011 and provides great insights on tablet preferences. Visit here: Gerke, [email protected], is Digital Managing Editor of Automation World