Readers Laud Pinto for “Creating Wealth”

Oct. 1, 2011
 Jim Pinto’s columns often generate considerable feedback. Here are a few of their comments.
Jim Pinto’s columns often generate considerable feedback. This month he discusses job creation in the U.S. (page 56), but in the August issue of Automation World he focused on how manufacturing helps create wealth.  “Service industries do not create wealth—they just circulate money,” he said. “Manufacturing creates wealth by taking goods of lower value, adding knowledge and labor, and creating higher value.” Automation World readers had a lot to say after reading his essay. Here are a few of their comments: • “My congratulations for an article well written, concise and to the point. Very few others match the caliber of your reasoning. Wish that top people would heed your words, government and military circles included. This offshoring process should have been halted by our federal government many moons ago (not going to discuss by what means) but no, I suppose we all still live under the spell that nothing bad can happen to Good Old US! I assume that you would agree with me that this assumption is no longer credible.”• “The business majors have for some time only focused on short term profits and what enriches the corporation and the executives this year. No thought to long-term survivability of the industry and employees. Hence the decline in the national economy. As the CEOs choke on their massive overcompensation, nothing is being done to create a sustainable, healthy national economy.• “Also why are imports from other nations without OSHA, EPA, and product controls, etc. allowed in the USA without them proving they are meeting the safety, environmental, and other standards we impose on our industries?  We taxpayers pay to screen products when it should be the suppliers paying to prove they are supplying products on equal footing to domestic products.• “I am disgusted with the quality of products on the market from places like China that fail faster, require maintenance agreements to cover their failures, and generally are temporary junk.  Durable goods just don’t exist anymore.”• “Your commentary could not have been more accurate, and truly depicts the shortcomings in our government and their mismanagement of free trade agreements, and regulation designed to kill manufacturing. Our country cannot survive as a service economy, there simply are not enough jobs available.”• “I will look forward to reading your contributions in the future. Thank you for so eloquently stating the facts.”You too can comment this or any other column and join in the discussion. Phone or e-mail Jim Pinto ([email protected]) or Editor in Chief Gary Mintchell ([email protected]) directly, or join Automation World’s LinkedIn group and post your comments there: http://linkedin/mfgjobs.       

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