iPad-ready Manufacturing Operations App

OpsTrakker app works independently or as a means to extend the functionality of existing LIMS, MES or ERP software packages to mobile devices.

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The iPad and other mobile devices have been gaining a great deal of traction in the manufacturing industries over the past year. In fact, Automation World’s own research shows that more than a third of its subscribers currently own an iPad, nearly half own some form of tablet computing device, and almost 80 percent of the remaining respondents expect to own some form of tablet computer in the next 12 months. With such a swift uptick in use, relevant applications were sure to follow suit, and the first ones are beginning to roll out. 

Among these new apps is OpsTrakker, developed by Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS). OpsTrakker is a manufacturing execution system (MES) software app that operates on desktop or mobile devices. The application can exist as a stand-alone ‘MES lite’ application for Electronic Equipment Logbooks (eLogBook), Line Clearance Activities (eLineClear) and Material Consumption Verification (eBOM) if a larger enterprise solution for these operations is not already in place.  It can also be integrated with existing manufacturing execution system (MES), laboratory information management system (LIMS) or enterprise resources planning (ERP) applications to access and respond to data in those systems from a mobile device.  

EIS says the idea behind the creation of OpsTrakker originated within the company’s consulting service practice as they noticed clients becoming increasingly concerned with the high implementation costs and long project timelines of traditional large enterprise software packages, such as MESs.  Using OpsTrakker’s modular approach, EIS claims that companies can now choose a more targeted solution, implementing only the mobile apps they most need to solve specific manufacturing problems, such as replacing inflexible equipment paper logbooks or implementing electronic reporting capabilities. 

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