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Remote Monitoring System

It looks as though American manufacturing is coming around to the idea of lean manufacturing principles, slowly but surely.

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Just the other day I saw a manufacturer looking to double its production capacity and cited lean manufacturing as the way to get there. Not adding workers, more equipment and lean principles.

A new product, from HMS Industrial Networks, called Netbiter looks to increase monitoring and control of plant equipment with this new remote management solution. The system includes communication gateways, secure hosting servers and a web interface that connects to plant equipment for real-time monitoring. A user, via a web browser, can access dashboard data by logging into the data center at and see temperature values, statuses and levels for multiple types of equipment. As with any remote monitoring, the system offers a dashboard tool and provides the user the ability to create graphical displays with gauges and tables of the most important parameters. Historical data is stored on parallel servers in the data center, allowing for reporting and statistical analysis of equipment. Besides monitoring, the offering provides the ability to start or stop equipment.

Security is a big concern among manufacturers as it relates to plant data being shared in the cloud and this solution offers secure connections from its gateways. The system can use an Ethernet or GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service) connection. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or static IP addresses are not needed.

Applications include monitoring of power generators, water/wastewater plants, tanks, building automation and renewable energy.
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