iPad Apps: No Distractions

March 31, 2012
Last month’s column dealt with the hunting and gathering of content; specifically, how automation folks find digital content related to your job.

Today’s engineer is wearing many hats, looking into a new workflows, finding new products or keeping up with industry trends. 

As an industry editor, finding content is not a linear endeavor these days and reading content on digital devices can be quite distracting. The “newest” digital medium—the tablet (iPad)—solves the distraction issue by letting users focus on reading inside apps. With a laptop computer or a smart phone, you have notifications, AIM or email messages pop-up while reading.

A recent article from the MediaPace blog cites that long-form journalism is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Why? Some speculate longer articles—technology deep-dives—are doing better with audiences since the iPad came along and the apps followed. It allows for a total immersive experience, much like a print magazine.

So on a Sunday afternoon when a car race has been washed out, enjoy a long feature on the state of cyber-security via Automation World’s free Digital Replica iPad App or our Real-Time iPad App. Visit www.automationworld.com/apps, for more information.